Workforce and Stakeholder Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Assessment

Our expertise in conducting workforce-wide opinion research receives high praise!  Questionnaires distributed electronically with results provide on disks, where possible, and in bound publications which include an executive summary, graphs showing multiple year trends, and comparative lists for every question ask.  We work with you to determine what needs to be measured, then design questions to elicit this specific feedback.


Stakeholder Opinion Surveys

When you want to evaluate your marketing effectiveness, brand awareness or reputation of your services, our electronic assessment process is equally adaptable to the marketplace. Results and reported provided as described above.


Our Top Ten Reasons why you should ask your employees what they think:

1. Demonstrate you are not afraid to ask

2. Acknowledge the importance of every function

3. Sustain strategic conversation

4. Garner feedback necessary to achieve your mission

5. Assess how your managers are doing – target problem areas

6. Set the expectation for continuous improvement

7. Inject healthy competition – as comparative results are viewed

8. Identify the departments and individuals who contribute to your success

9. Create the desired work environment

10. Achieve business outcomes: Service Quality, Employee Retention, Productivity and Profitability/Sustained Growth

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