Management Development

Management Development

Invest in your greatest resource: your people


Developing Managers and Leaders means giving the people with the most influence on your workforce the skills to inspire the performance and commitment you want. What you cannot neglect is the preparation of newly promoted and newly hired supervisors and managers.   It is unfair, frustrating, and inefficient to give a good worker supervisory responsibilities with no instruction on how to coach and lead.

Enhance their abilities with skill-building topics including:

 Motivating others for high performance  Creative Problem Solving
 Personal Accountability  Moving Through Change
 Understanding the Difference in People  Five approaches to handling conflict
 If you want to build trust, listen!  The Value of a Humor Perspective
 The Art of Effective Empowerment  Performance Appraisal Reluctance
 The Importance of the Receiver in Workplace Communication  What makes a group a team?
 The Impact of Stress on Your Message  Managing Multiple Projects: Where does your time go?
 There’s more than one right answer  Exceeding Customer Expectations

And the popular class for those newly promote: “How to Succeed in Supervision”

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